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Being an Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) teacher your responsibilities will comprise of:
Planning and Delivering Lessons: Designing and implementing age-appropriate learning activities and experiences to meet the developmental needs of children aged 1-5 years old.
Creating a Stimulating Environment: Setting up an engaging and supportive learning environment that encourages exploration, discovery, and play-based learning.
Assessment and Evaluation: Assessing children's progress and development through observations, assessments, and evaluations, and using this information to inform planning and support individual learning needs.
Parental Communication: Maintaining communication with parents or caregivers, providing updates on children's progress, sharing insights into their development, and offering guidance on how to support learning at home.
Collaboration with Colleagues: Working collaboratively with other EYFS teachers, teaching assistants, and support staff to create a cohesive and inclusive learning environment.
Promoting Social and Emotional Development: Supporting children's social and emotional well-being by fostering positive relationships, teaching conflict resolution skills, and promoting empathy and understanding.
Differentiation and Individualized Support: Differentiating instruction to meet the diverse needs of children, including those with special educational needs or English as an additional language, and providing individualized support when necessary.
Record-Keeping and Documentation: Maintaining accurate records of children's progress, achievements, and any concerns, and ensuring compliance with administrative requirements and safeguarding procedures.
Continuous Professional Development: Engaging in ongoing professional development to stay updated on best practices, educational trends, and research in early childhood education.
Health and Safety: Ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of children at all times, following relevant policies and procedures, and addressing any health or safety concerns promptly.
Center Policies and Procedures: Following the policies and procedures of the center


To be hired as an Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) teacher, you need to possess a combination of qualifications, skills, and experience:
Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education: A degree specifically focused on early childhood education or a closely related field is preferred.
Early Years Teacher Status (EYTS) or CACHE 3 level.
Previous experience working with children aged 1-5 is required
Knowledge of EYFS Framework: A strong understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, including its principles, goals, and learning areas, is essential for planning and delivering effective early years education.
Strong Communication and Interpersonal Skills to engage effectively with children, parents, colleagues, and other stakeholders.
Passion for Early Childhood Education: A genuine passion for working with young children, fostering their development, and creating a nurturing learning environment is essential for success in this role.
Safeguarding and First Aid Certification: Depending on the requirements of the employer or regulatory body, EYFS teachers may need to hold valid certifications in safeguarding children and pediatric first aid.


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